Technical, Financial, Medical-scientific and Commercial Translations

Although they belong to completely different areas, these translations usually don’t need a certification given their nature of texts produced in file format and not bearing any stamp or signature.

Often technical documents are related to products or services and are intended for the international market, and for this reason a multilingual translation of them could be requested (ie a translation of the same text into several languages). For example: an instruction manual for a product.

Technical, medial-scientific and financial translations, such as legal translations, require a linguistic knowledge of the relevant professional sector by the translator, that is, the translator must know the technical terminology belonging to that sector, and for this reason they are often followed by a revision carried out by an expert in the field.

Some examples of the documents we translate:

Technical translations

  • Instruction manuals for industrial and consumer products
  • Technical and industrial descriptions and documentation
  • Safety reports

Medical-scientific translations

  • Instruction manuals for pharmaceutical products
  • Pharmaceutical presentations
  • Medical reports
  • Scientific articles and texts
  • University manuals

Financial translations

  • Bank statements
  • Income tax returns
  • Financial statements

Marketing translations

Marketing translations mainly concern all those texts intended for the presentation of a product or service or project, they include business advertising texts and in general all texts intended for online publication. No specialized or technical terminology is used for their drafting, and therefore they do not require a particular knowledge of a specific jargon.

Some examples:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Business presentations
  • Brochures
  • Volantini
  • Advertising texts
  • Marketing texts
  • Facebook and Google Ads

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