Legal Translations

Translation services differ according to the type of text to be translated.
The translation of documents or texts with specialized language, or belonging to a specific professional sector, focuses more on the content than on the form, and must therefore be as clear and comprehensible as possible and not arouse misunderstandings or ambiguities, while respecting the respective jargon.

Legal documents and certificates present a well defined and specific language, the so-called “legalese”, a jargon characterized by a particular lexical and stylistic rigidity, which leaves no room for choices by the translator.

Due to their nature of official records, often authenticated by signatures, stamps, initials and headings, for them a sworn translation is often required, and each element of them must be meticulously translated. All signatures, stamps, logos or symbols must be translated or described, nothing should be left out and the translation must be as clear and comprehensible as possible to the reader. Below are listed some examples of documents translated in this macro-sector:

Legal documents

Contracts, corporate documents, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, proxies, judicial documents, decrees, terms and conditions of contract, insurance policies, declarations., etc.


Official records, Civil Registry certificates, Criminal records, academic and school certificates, professional qualifications, medical reports and certificates, prescriptions and medical records, bank statements, tax returns, corporate certificates, financial statements, etc.

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