Translations of university, school and professional certificates

University and school systems are significantly different from country to country, and often thenames of courses and the classifications and subdivisions of the different levels of education differconsiderably. For this reason, the translation of university and school diplomas and certificatesalways represents a difficult challenge for the specialist translator, since identifying the rightlinguistic equivalent, in particular the names of disciplines and qualifications, can often prove tobe a demanding job. For this, a careful and scrupulous research of linguistic resources isessential.We have many years of experience in the translation of diplomas, university transcript of recordsand school report and in the translation of professional qualifications and certificates.Our translations are always flawless and we always manage to find the best language equivalents.For any doubts or clarifications, it will be our concern to contact the customer to have confirmationsor to ask for clarifications regarding the didactic content and the topics of particular subjects orcourses, in order to achieve the highest level of translation accuracy.
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