Revisions and Quality Assurance

With quality assurance of a translation (abbreviated QA), we indicate the post-translationactivities and interventions aimed at ensuring the best quality and accuracy of a translation onall linguistic levels. These interventions include grammatical, orthographic and syntactic corrections(proofreading), and the revision of form and content and optimization of the text, through theimprovement of lexical and possibly stylistic choices of a translation draft. In the case of legaltranslations, the QA consists of correcting and revising the translation to be certified. In the case oftechnical or commercial translations, it may also include a DTP (Desktop Publishing) service,aimed at formatting and arranging the text, fixing its layout and adding images or graphics to thetext, before its online or print publication.The nature and level of revision or proofreading interventions that a translation may need areexamined through a careful and in-depth analysis of the translation to be revised. Following thepreparation of a report on the accuracy status of the translation, we can determine the revisionintervention to be carried out on the translation.Revisions and quality assurance are usually required before proceeding with the translationcertification, in order to ensure that legal or technical translations are adequately accurate andlinguistically compliant with their original. If after the analysis of the translation, this one appears tobe complete and adequately accurate and appropriate to its certification, no modification will benecessary and no revision service will be required.


  • spelling, grammatical and syntactic correction

Revision (Editing)

  • improvement of form and content based on the type of specialized language
  • optimization of lexical choice and style
  • improvement of text readability and fluency
  • possible rewriting of portions of text
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