Revisions and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance or QA of a translation, refers to the set of post-translation interventions aimed at ensuring the best quality and accuracy of the translation on all language levels. These interventions may concern only grammatical, spelling and syntactical corrections (known as proofreading), or in a both linguistic and content revision (or editing), consisting in the optimization of the text through the improvement of lexical and possibly stylistic choices of a draft translation.

In the case of legal or technical translations, the QA is mainly limited to proofreading or post-editing.

In the case of web and marketing content translation, it may also involve any DTP (Desktop Publishing) activities, aimed at the reproducing the layout web pages or files containing pictures, graphs or other figurative elements within the text, before their publication.

The nature and extent of the revision interventions that a translation may require are established through a careful analysis of the translation or text to be revised. Following the preparation of a report on the status of the translation, the revision intervention to be carried out on the translation is set.

Revisions and quality assurance are required before proceeding with translation certifications, in order to ensure that the translation is adequately accurate and linguistically compliant with its original. If the analysis shows that the translation is complete and adequately accurate, no modification will be necessary and no revision service will be carried out.


  • Spelling, grammar, and syntactic corrections of text
  • Intervention on translations or original texts
  • Optimization of the linguistic form in relation to language

Revision or QA

  • Improved form and content based on specialist language
  • Optimization of lexical and stylistic choices
  • Improving text fluidity
  • Possible re-translation of portions of text

Our certificates of proofreading and quality assurance

At the request of our clients, we can issue certificates signed by the translator or reviser, with handwritten or electronic signature, which certify the linguistic accuracy of the text and the competence of the professional translator.

Professional Proofreading Certification

Signed by an experienced native speaker translator

Certifies the linguistic accuracy and competence of the auditor

Available in handwritten signature or electronic signature

The Certificate is available for a limited number of language combinations

Translation qa+

Signed by an experienced native speaker translator

Certifies proofreading and ensures translation quality

Available in handwritten signature or electronic signature

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