Certified translations

Certified translations with Certificate of Translation Accuracy

Certified translations are attached to a Certification of Translation Accuracy (CTA), issued by thesame certified translator or translation service provider, written in the target language and signedand stamped by the professional translator who performed the translation The certificate ofaccuracy certifies the linguistic competence of the translator and the authenticity of the translation.The certified translation with CTA differs from sworn translation as it is not sworn in court.
Therefore, it has no legal value. The certified translation does not require any stamp duty.Depending on the nature of the documents and their destination, for some offices it may not benecessary a translation sworn at court, but the certification of the professional translator is enough.For more information visit the Contact Us page or send us a message using the form on the Homepage.

Certified Translations with Digital Signature (or Digital Certified Translation) are forward-lookingand eco-friendly, and follow the digitization process of professional services.

What is the digital signature and how it works

The digital signature allows you to certify documents in digital format (such as PDF), and give them the same value as a paper document with a classic signature. It simplifies and speeds up thetranslation certification procedure, respecting the environment and eco-sustainability. Certified translations in digital format, therefore, have the exact same value as classic ones in paper format, without the need to be printed or scanned: the digital signature, in fact, respects the values ofauthenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and originality that belong to handwritten signatures.With certified translation with digital signature, there is no need for paper or shipping. The official translator has his own digital signature. Digitization and eco-sustainability that improve certifiedlanguage services.

Discover our certified translations with Digital CTA

Our certified translations with Certification of Tranlsation Accuracy can now also be digitallysigned, without being printed. Just like classic certified translations, they will be digitally signed oneach page and will be accompanied by the new Certificate of Accuracy in digital format: the DigitalCTA. Digital certified translations are a brand new service, which is why it is important to make sure, before requesting this type of service, that the destination office is willing to receive a digitally signed certified translation. To date we can only provide digital certified translation for the following combinations. We areworking to expand the service to all most requested language combinations. Stay up to date onupcoming new language combinations.

English <> Italian

French <> Italian

Spanish <> Italian

Portuguese <> Italian

English <> French

English <> Spanish

English <> Portuguese

Spanish <> French

Spanish <> Portuguese

French <> Portuguese

Do you want to find out more about certified translations with Digital CTA? Contact us, we will provide you with all the information you need, free of charge and without obligation.

Certified translations with digital signature: digital certified translations (DCT)