The perfect partner for sworn and certified translations of corporate documents and web marketing content.

Certify Traduzioni owes its beginnings to the passion for specilized translation. Over the years we have built a network of experienced and accredited professional translators able to provide translation services with a high level of accuracy in all language combinations most in demand on the market. Our added value is the guarantee of our competence, offered with our certifications.

The expertise and solid experience in the field of Francesco Di Tommaso, founder of Certify Traduzioni and expert in legal and corporate translation and legalization of documents, are the basis of the coordination and implementation of all our sworn translation services.
We are ready to provide you with targeted advice and a detailed estimate for the translation of your company’s documents, or to support you as a stable partner for all sworn translation services and legalization of documents.

Experts in sworn translation of legal documents

Leader in the digitization of certified translation services.

We are the first in Italy to provide digital certified translation services. Our certified translations with electronic or digital signature streamline and simplify the production and exchange of multilingual documentation in the B2B field, following the path of digitization of professional services.

traduzione certificata digitale

We have designed eSigned Translation Digital Certificate, the digital certificate of accuracy for translation services, through which the official translator digitally certifies his competence and the accuracy of the translation. The exchange and sending of certified translations by us will take place entirely online. The translations are signed with an advanced electronic signature (AdES) or qualified electronic signature (QES).

The translations will be assigned for each language combination to a team of professional translators who will take care of all the main key stages of the service: translation – revision – certification.

corporate and legal

Chamber of Commerce certificates, deeds of incorporation and corporate documents
Powers of attorney and other notarial deeds
Summonses and other judicial documents
Public Certificates

Retail, B2B and digital industry

Websites and apps
Web marketing
Data sheets, web content
Presentations, reports
Products and services information and descriptive documents

For projects over 9000 words we offer reduced rates up to 50%.

Corporate clients and partnerships

Tell us about your project or request. We are pleased to provide you with the necessary information and support you in the certified translation of your documentation.