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Certify Traduzioni was founded by professional translator Francesco Di Tommaso, an expert in legal, financial, and technical translation. His translation languages are English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The idea behind it is a network of professional translators who are experts in specialized translation, all qualified and experienced in their respective languages and professional sectors. Each translator has been expertly selected to offer the best service in terms of equivalence and accuracy.

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At Certify Traduzioni we have clear ideas about the services we want to offer. Our first rule is that our network is made up only of qualified and experienced translators. Being a qualified and expert translator means having specific certified skills as well as specialized competence, acquired over the years of training and work exprience.

Thanks to our experience and training, we boast specialized language skills, essential for the services we offer, among which are translations with legal value.

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Francesco Di Tommaso is a highly qualified and expert professional translator, enrolled in the Register of Translators of the Court of Pescara. He specializes in legal, corporate, technical and scientific translation as well as translation of websites, apps and media. His languages of competence are: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Thanks to a team of professional experts, built with years of experience in the translation industry, he has managed to develop a local translation service provider, able to provide certified legal and technical translation services in many language combinations.

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