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Certify Traduzioni is a team of specialized translators, all registered with an Italian court or other body or association, and experts in all areas of specialized translation: legal, technical, financial, commercial, medical-scientific, etc. Thanks to our experience and high competence and specialization, we offer certified translation services with a high level of accuracy and professionalism, all across Italy and worldwide and in more than 150 language combinations. For this reason, we are one of the best Certified Translation Service Providers in Italy. With us the certified translations of your documents will be impeccable.

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Certify Traduzioni  is a Certified Translation Service Provider, we are specialized in certified translation services, with the aim of becoming the reference point in this field for accuracy and professionalism. Many of our customers say that Certify Traduzioni is the best solution for their needs. We are proud of this and will continue to work to provide you with an even better service.

Certify Traduzioni is a global project. We have no limits: we deliver our services all across Italy and worldwide. We are an online team of experts who will take care of your documents’ certified translations, or provide you with linguistic advice for your projects. Our goal is not only to provide quality translations, but we will also provide you with language certification, even in highly specialized sectors. Order your service online and you will receive it wherever you are.

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Our certified quality translations are carried out exclusively by experienced and highly qualified professional translators. We offer translation services with a high level of accuracy at the same market prices.
Why choose low quality services when you can have high quality translations made by specialized professionals at the same cost? With Certify Traduzioni you choose quality and professionalism. Here are our pluses:

  • High quality and accuracy
  • Translations made by experts in specialized terminology
  • Fast delivery, shipping in Italy, Europe and the world.
  • Excellent value for money

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What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a certified translation made official by the stamps and signatures affixed by the sworn translator and by the Public Official of the Court, who registers the translation at the Court Certifications Office. Find out more or receive more information on sworn translations on the sworn translations page.

What is a certified translation?

An official or professional translation is a translation certified by the professional translator or LSP which is obtained through the translator’s signature and professional stamp, and is attached to a Certification of Translation Accuracy, containing the data and contact details of the professional translator or LSP. The degree of official status of a translation may vary depending on the country and destination of the translation. Depending on the type and on the office or country of destination, in order for the translation to obtain official value, it may be necessary to certify it before a judicial official, or at a notary or consular office (sworn translation of affidavit).


What is a cartella?

A cartella (in Italian) is a standard page format used to calculate the length of a translation. It is the unit of measurement for legal and technical translations in general, and consists of 25 lines X 55 characters, for a total of 1350 characters and approximately 250 words. As far as literary and editorial translations are concerned, another format is used called cartella editoriale, consisting of 30 lines by 60 characters, for a total of 1800 characters and approximately 300 words. The cost of translation will be calculated based on the number of characters, words or cartelle.

Can receive a sworn or certified translation service remotely?

Of course, sworn translations can be carried out remotely, and they are sent by registered (or insured) mail, or by express courier. Receive more information on the procedures and shipping methods vising the Contact page.

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