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Certify Traduzioni is a team of professional translators, all registered at an Italian court as technical and language consultants and experts in legal, technical, financial, commercial, medical translation. Thanks to the long experience and high competence and specialization, we offer specialized translation services certified with a high level of accuracy and professionalism, any type of document and to and from any language.


We offer a wide range of translation services

Certify Traduzioni is a company specialized in legal and technical translation services with the aim of becoming the point of reference in this field for accuracy and professionalism. Many of our customers say that Certify Traduzioni  is the best solution for their needs. We are proud of this and will continue to work to provide you with the best service we can.

Certify Traduzioni is a project with a global reach. We have a team of experts who can help you in the translation of your documents, in the certification or revision of your translations, or provide you with linguistic consultancy in your internationalization projects. Our goal is not just to provide a simple translation, our team will help you in linguistic consultancy even in highly specialized fields.

Why should you rely on us?

Expertise and great value for money

Our main strengths

Our certified quality translations are carried out exclusively by expert and highly qualified professional native translators. We offer translation services with a high level of accuracy at average market prices.

Why choose mediocre services when you can have high quality translations carried out by specialized professionals at the same market price? With Certify Traduzioni you choose quality and competence. Here are main strengths:

  • High quality and accuracy
  • Translations carried out by experts in specialized terminology
  • Fast delivery
  • Moderate prices
  • Excellent value for money

How Our Team Works


What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation certified and authenticated by means of the stamps and signatures affixed by the certified translator and the Public Official (Registrar or Court clerk) who performs the registration of the translation at the Ufficio Asseverazioni Perizie e Traduzioni (Translation Certification Office of the Court). Sworn translations can also be obtained by means of an Affidavit before a notary public or a consular officer (notarisation). Find out more or get more detailed information on sworn translations on the page sworn and certified translations..

What is a certified or official translation?

A certified or official translation is a translation certified exclusively by the professional translator or translation service provider that carried out the service, by means of the signature and/or professional stamp of the translator, and are accompanied by a Certification of Translation Accuracy containing the information and contact details of the professional translator or translation service provider. The degree of official status of a translation may vary depending on the country and the destination of the translation. In fact, depending on the type and the office or country of destination of the document, in order for the translation to obtain official status, it may be necessary to certified it before a judicial officer, a notary or a consular officer.  

What is a “cartella????

A “cartella??? is a standard page format based on which the length of a translation is calculated. It is the unit of measurement of legal and technical translations in general, and is composed of 25 lines of 60 characters, for a total of 1500 characters. As for literary and editorial translations, a different longer format (editorial folder) is used composed of 30 lines of 60 characters, for a total of 1800 characters. The cost of the translation will be calculated based on the number of characters, and therefore the number of “cartelle???. The cost of a translation can also be calculated based on the number of words (usually a “cartella??? contains 250 words).

Can I receive the certified translation service also if I am contacting you from another region or country?

Of course! the certified translation service can also be carried out remotely without any problem, we will just send the translation via registered mail or via express courier, so the shipment can be easily and safely tracked till the receipt.. Get more information on the procedures and shipping methods on the Contact Us page.


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